FDA approved COVID-19 testing now available with our PCR respiratory panel. Our test kits are currently exclusively for SNFs/ALFs, Home Health, and Physician Groups working with high-risk symptomatic patients in post-acute care.

If you oversee Clinical Care or Operations for patients/residents and have symptomatic patients you are eligible to receive kits from NWC.


Formulary Covering 50%+

of PDGM/PDPM Groupings

Inquire about our C.A.R.E.+ Program that provides proven outcomes based care under new CMS guidelines that cover wound and infectious disease patient groupings


C.A.R.E + TM

Infectious Disease

Our infectious disease program uses state of the art technology to quickly identify and report pathogens, as well as, provide guidance for antibiotic stewardship. Our process includes panels for: Wound, Respiratory, UTI, GI, STD, and Women's Health.

We now provide COVID-19 testing as part of the respiratory PCR testing to ensure most accurate results possible for high-risk patients.


Reduced Hospitalizations By 58%

In most post-acute settings hospitalizations for wound and infectious disease patients are as high as 40-50%.

We reduce this by:

  • Healing more chronic wounds.

  • Proprietary modality that removes DNA damaging bacteria.

  • Identify Pathogens and Antibiotic Resistance

  • Wound focused continuing education credits for facility staff.

  • Less time on NPWT: 23 days faster healing

  • Ease of use with on-demand videos on the vac accessed through mobile device.


90% of Chronic Wounds 

Have Biofilm

  • Biofilm is invisible to the naked eye

  • Biofilm reforms within 30 minutes of debridement.

  • Our formulary:

    • Identifies bioburden in the wound bed

    • Treats & breaks up biofilm if found

    • Removes DNA damaging bacteria from wound 

Remote Wound Care Oversight

Telemedicine oversight for wound and ostomy patients from Wound Physicians and WOC nurses for Home Health Agencies and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

  • Consultations & Procedure Assessment

  • Plan of Care & Formulary Guidance

  • Wound Management

  • Advert Expensive Treatments 

  • Documentation and Review

  • Collaboration with PCP

DACC Delivery System

Decreases NPWT time

  • Average Days to heal: 41.91 days vs. 65.63 days on KCI.

  • 23 days faster healing time from12 month study

  • DACC lifts and removes harmful bacteria from wound bed.

  • On-demand video alarm instructions 

Better Clinical Outcomes Through Ongoing


NWC provides ​complementary CEUs for wound and infectious disease to clinicians of our partner facilities and agencies.

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