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Remove Biofilm, Lower Days on NPWT, Reduced RHPs


Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

With over 25 years in wound care, we have developed a solution to the most chronic of wounds. Patients who thought they would never heal, and lost hope, have seen healing.

Solutions for Home Health Agencies.

Patients and caregivers have access to step-by-step video tutorials and easy to understand instructions with a click of a button. Easy re-ordering too.


of Care

We have teamed up with physician groups, rehabilitation, and long-term care facilities. If you are coming from a partner facility or to one, you can maintain the best in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with Accelephase.

90% of Chronic Wounds 

Have Biofilm

  • Biofilm is invisible to the naked eye

  • Biofilm reforms within 30 minutes of debridement.

  • Step 1 of our formulary treats & breaks up biofilm

  • Step 2 removes DNA damaging bacteria from wound. 

Reduced Wound Patient

Re-Hospitalizations by 58%

In most post-acute settings RHPs for wound patients are as high as 40-50%.

We reduce this by:

  • Healing more chronic wounds.

  • Proprietary modality that removes DNA damaging bacteria.

  • Wound focused continuing education credits for facility staff.

  • Less time on NPWT: 23 days faster healing

  • Ease of use with on-demand videos on the vac accessed through mobile device.

DACC Delivery System

Decreases NPWT time

  • Average Days to heal: 41.91 days vs. 65.63 days on KCI vac.

  • 23 days faster healing time from12 month study

  • DACC lifts and removes harmful bacteria from wound bed.

  • On-demand video alarm instructions 

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