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Lymphedema Compression Therapy

Treatment for Lymphedema and

Venous Insufficiencies.

Do you or your patients have need for advanced compression therapy for lymphedema or venous treatment? 

Intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) Therapy helps patients treat and manage lymphedema and venous insufficiencies. Our therapy pumps provide gradient sequential compression that increases blood flow and encourages extracellular fluid clearance. the device provides cycles of compressed air at certain adjustable pressures and then inflates and deflates garments to move fluid.

For patients qualifying, pneumatic compression, also known as lymphedema pump therapy, is covered under Medicare. Click the button bellow or call National Wound Care to find out if you qualify for lymphedema pump therapy.

If you are having trouble obtaining a lymphedema pump, we can help you walk through the steps to qualify. Call today or Click the button below for a form and our customer support consultants will help walk through the steps needed to take care of your therapy needs.

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