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Long-Term Care Program


Complex Wound Program for LTC

For over 25 years NWC has helped develop a complex wound formulary that helps more chronic wounds become acute, reduce hospitalizations, disrupts biofilm, and reduced time on NPWT.


Yes, it is possible to have consistently profitable wound care referrals. But, the key is to have a formulary for wound care that addresses non-healing wounds and deals with situations that cause wound infections. 

Turn More Chronic Wounds Acute

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True Zero Dollar Daily Rates: NPWT

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We understand the difficulty of sustainability and profitability in long-term care facilities. Historically, wound patients have been a gamble to ensure healing and therefore profitability.

That is why with outcomes based reimbursements under PDPM, we established a true zero $0/day negative pressure wound therapy program. Pay only for supplies used on the patient.

Combined with our 23 days faster healing using our system of removing pathogens without reversing the healing process, you have greater margins and clinical outcomes.

Remote Wound Care


NWC has partnered with providers and WOC nurses to provide wound and ostomy oversight via for Home Health Agencies and Skilled Nursing Facilities via telemedicine.

Using a Touch Phone
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