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W O U N D   C A R E


Giving Patients Hope

With Their Non-Healing Wounds



National Wound Care's mission is to help create better quality of life for patients dealing with chronic ailments including non-healing wounds. We do this by being an advocate for the patient through providing solutions for rapid and cost effective wound healing in the post-acute care settings (home health, nursing homes, assisted living, and memory care).

Healing Non-Healing Wounds

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National Wound Care was established in 1993 with the purpose of finding and sharing pathways to superior wound healing. A DME company, National Wound Care has sought to be an advocate for the patient by finding ways to help heal patients faster in the most cost effective manor possible.

Through its history as a company National Wound Care has been a repository for patient and clinical education for wound care, and helps establish best practices and pathways to healing complex wounds. In 1997, NWC created its first continuing education credits for complex wounds. Today we provide CE credits as part of our complex wound program C.A.R.E. (TM). 

We believe that transfer of knowledge to both the clinician and the patient is the #1 way to create a better clinical outcomes for wound care patients.


Our repository of best clinical outcomes helped us developed a complex wound formulary (decision tree) for wound patients dealing with stage III and stage IV wounds. Through seeking the best products, services and solutions National Wound Care eventually got into research and development of its own products to serve the healthcare market place. We focus on real-time PCR molecular testing to identify wound pathogens and wound infections. Compared to other methods of testing for wound infections, our process is more accurate as well as provides guidance to treating wound infection.

Biofilm has been known to be present in 90% of chronic wounds. Armed with this knowledge, providers can help patients heal patients. National Wound Care uses a pathway to break up biofilms and help chronic wounds to heal.


Through development of our own products and providing effective and economical solutions, NWC has helped bring many products through the FDA process to the consumer. The solutions developed have helped heal and create a higher quality of life for patients and their caregivers. 

It May Be Biofilm.

Identifying biofilm is one of the most important aspects of wound care. Over 90% of chronic wounds contain pathogens living in a biofilm construct. So what is Biofilm?

Biofilm is created when a group of pathogens establish a colony and create a protective matrix film. Biofilms often establish antibiotic resistant properties, and can reform as early as 30 minutes after debridement. These wound infections are extremely complex and may not even show signs of wound infection.

We wish we could give you aa tool to heal 100% of wounds, but there is too much 

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Superior Process for NPWT

National Wound Care's proprietary use of DACC within negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) has provided superior wound healing outcomes, and has been unofficially labeled by patients as the "limb saver." 


The process is able to simultaneously treat and/or remove infections while using the advanced wound healing technology of NPWT.  

  • 23 days faster healing time from 2 year back to back study

  • Average days to heal: 41.91 days vs. 65.63 days on largest brand.

  • DACC lifts and removes harmful bacteria from the wound bed.

  • On-demand instructional videos for clinicians and patients.

Support Surface Mattress

Use National Wound Care's non-powered and self-adjusting pressure relief mattress for patients with stage II to stage IV wounds. With anti-microbial & hypo-allergenic removable outer cover, this product is excellent for care for your patients.


An effective Support Surface is critical in treating and preventing skin breakdown. The NWC-2000ET is an excellent alternative to traditional powered support surfaces for the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.


The 2000ET is constructed of a series of self-adjusting air-bladders, surrounded by a foam barrier and topped with a one-inch thick layer of memory foam, to give it that extra level of comfort and conformity to the patient. The foam perimeter provides a firm surface to assist the patient in getting in and out of the mattress, while the foot section is ‘sloped’ to provide a natural heal-bridging effect to the patient. 

  • 1" Thick Layer Memory Foam

  • Self-Adjusting Air Bladders


Remote Wound Care


NWC has partnered with providers and WOC nurses to provide wound and ostomy oversight via for Home Health Agencies and Skilled Nursing Facilities via telemedicine.

Using a Touch Phone

Lymphedema Pump Therapy


Patients dealing with lymphedema have a chronic condition when the lymph nodes are damaged causing swelling due to a buildup of fluid. People with lymphedema are at risk of ulcers. 

Lymphedema pump therapy provides sequential compression needed to direct fluid out and away from the swollen limbs. Lymphedema pump therapy can help reduce pain, reduce swelling, and prevent and promote wound healing.

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